Dru Fires

Dru balanced flue fires Fires | Lpg balanced flue fires | e;lectric hole in the wall fires | Dru Apollo 80 | Dru Apollo 100 | Dru Avanto | Dru Cosmo | Dru Cosmo Tunnel | Dru Global 70 BF | Dru Global 70XT BF | Dru Global 100 BF | Dru Largo | Dru Largo Tunnel | Dru Metro 70 | Dru Metro 100 | Dru Metro 100 Tunnel | Dru Metro 100XT | Dru Metro 100XT Tunnel | Dru Metro 100XT/2 | Dru Metro 100XT/3 | Dru Metro 130 | Dru Metro XTL | Dru Milo | Dru Paco | Dru Passeo | Dru Saxo 70 | Dru Saxo 80 | Dru Scenic 70 | Dru Scenic 80 | Dru Venteo | Balanced flue free-standing and hanging fires | Dru Diablo | Dru Pronto | Dru Solo | Dru Trio | Conventional Flue fires | Can only be installed with an existing chimney | DRU Conventional Flue Gas Fires are designed to fit a standard UK chimney, with no need for expensive flue materials. The range includes hole-in-the-wall fires and fires that fit into classic fire surrounds. The fires have high efficiency, generous heat outputs and are all operated by remote control. In addition, DRU Conventional Flue Gas Fires can all be run on both natural gas and LPG. | Dru Global 90 Alpha frame woodset | Dru Global 90 Alpha frame stones | Dru Global 90 frameless woodset | Dru Global 90 Beta frame stones | Global 90 CF smooth black stones | Global 90 CF natural woodsset | Global 90 CF Alpha natural woodset | Global 90 CF Alpha smooth stones pebbles log set | The convenient choice for the conventional chimney | Global 90 is the ultimate in convenience, economy and desirability. It is a gas fire that has been designed for the standard UK chimney and at a price that can be easily afforded by the average householder. And yet it still has all of the characteristics of a DRU designer gas fire!

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